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Podcast #

My overview of podcast: 播客世界的邀请函:听播客,发现新播客,用播客改善生活

Template #

Podcast TitleHost NameNetwork Name30 min20XXOfficial#XX🔗
Podcast TitleHost NameNetwork Name1 hr20XXiTunes#XX🔗
Podcast TitleHost NameNetwork Name1 hr20XXListen Notes#XX🔗

Technology #

General #

AutomatorsDavid Sparks, Rosemary OrchardRelay FM1~1.5 hr2018~nowOfficialAbandonedDavid Sparks’ voice pitch is way too low it hurts my ears
CortexCGP Grey, Myke HurleyRelay FM1.5~2 hr2015~nowOfficial#107
PragmaticJohn ChidgeyThe Engineered Network1~2 hr2013~nowOfficialAbandonedIt’s more of a monologue than a discussion
SupercomputerAlex Cox, Matthew Cassinelli-1 hr2018~2019iTunesFinished
yatteiki.fmr7kamura, 9m, soramugi, itopoid (and 15 more)-0.5~1 hr2016~nowOfficial#58 (descending)Finally a Japanese tech podcast!

Apple-focused #

AdaptFederico Viticci, Ryan ChristoffelRelay FM1 hr2019~nowOfficial#37
AppStoriesFederico Viticci, John VoorheesMacStories2017~nowOfficialAbandonedFeels repetitive with others
ConnectedMyke Hurley, Stephen Hackett, Federico ViticciRelay FM1.5~2 hr2014~nowOfficial#318
The PromptMyke Hurley, Stephen Hackett, Federico ViticciRelay FM1~1.5 hr2013~2014OfficialFinishedSucceeded by Connected

Design #

Anyway.FM 设计杂谈JJ Ying, Leon GaoAnyway FM1 hr2014~nowOfficial#318The best independent Chinese podcast
LayoutKevin Clark, Rafael CondeSpec FM1 hr2015~nowOfficial#70

Life #

Hello InternetCGP Grey, Brady Haran-1.5~2 hr2014~nowOfficial#136Hasn’t updated since Feb. 2020
MacStories UnpluggedFederico Viticci, John VoorheesMacStories30 min2019~nowOfficial#2020-10-17Behind Club MacStories subscription wall
Whatever.FM 随便侬JJ Ying, Leon GaoAnyway FM10 min2018~nowOfficial#1

Interview #

Off CameraSam Jones-1 hr2014~nowOfficialIs actually a TV show with (free) podcast version

Serious Stuff #

Society #

剩余价值 SurplusValue张之琪, 傅适野, 黄月-2019~2020OfficialAbandonedI cannot differentiate the hosts;
succeeded by StochasticVolatility
随机波动 StochasticVolatility傅适野, 张之琪, 冷建国-2020~nowOfficialDidn’t listen

Economics & Statistics #


News & Politics #

The Lifestyle MUSEUMピーター・バラカン, 柴田幸子Tokyofm30 min2008~nowOfficialAbandonedI really like the topics, but the typical Japanese news industry old-guy-and-a-silent-girl model is just disgusting.
NHK ラジオニュース?NHK5~10 min?~nowOfficialAbandonedUsed to listen everyday to practice my Japanese.
Pod Save AmericaJon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, Dan PfeifferCrooked1~1.5 hr2017~nowOfficialAbandonedI want to like it, but there are too many (seamless!) ads throughout each ep.
新闻酸菜馆叮叮, 王掌柜1 hr2011~nowOfficialAbandoned