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Zotero #

Useful commands #

How can I see what collections my item is in? [Zotero Documentation]

To see all the collections an item is in, select the item and then hold down the Option key (macOS), Control key (Windows), or Alt key (Linux). This will highlight all collections that contain the selected item.

Useful Plug-Ins #

Better BibTeX #

Documentation: Better BibTeX for Zotero

My configuration:

Citation key format:         [zotero:clean]
Fields to omit from export:  file, note, keywords, abstract

DOI Manager #

Repository: bwiernik/zotero-shortdoi: Zotero extension to retrieve and validate DOIs and shortDOIs

My configuration:

Get DOIs for new items:     Long DOIs

QuickLook #

Repository: mronkko/ZoteroQuickLook: Implements QuickLook in Zotero


Repository: UB-Mannheim/zotero-ocr: Zotero Plugin for OCR

Date Grabber #

Repository: retorquere/zotero-date-from-last-modified

scite #

Repository: scitedotai/scite-zotero-plugin: scite zotero plugin

Use Sci-Hub as Default PDF Finder #

List of online Sci-Hub URLs: List of sci hub and libgen active urls - Verts-Luisants

Open Preferences > Advanced > Config Editor, search for extensions.zotero.findPDFs.resolvers, paste the following into Value: (credit)


Add Custom Lookup Engines #


  1. Open ~/Zotero/locate/engines.json.
  2. Before the closing ], add the following code:
  3. Download the icon, rename and place it at ~/Zotero/locate/sementic_scholar.png.
  4. Restart Zotero.
		"_name": "Semantic Scholar Search",
		"_alias": "Semantic Scholar",
		"_description": "Semantic Scholar Search",
		"_icon": "file:///Users/loikein/Zotero/locate/sementic_scholar.png",
		"_urlTemplate": "{z:year?}&year%5B1%5D={z:year?}&q={z:title}&sort=relevance",
		"_urlParams": [],
		"_urlNamespaces": {
			"z": "",
			"": ""
		"_iconSourceURI": ""