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Shimeji for Mac

Shimeji for Mac #

Main reference: @zkdlsoo on Twitter

This article was originally posted in Chinese on my blog: Shimeji(桌宠) on macOS. Go take a look at my demo video there if you want to know how it looks in action.

Prerequisites #

  1. A relatively high-spec Mac. This thing eats a lot of CPU.
  2. Java 6 runtime
    • Can be downloaded from Apple’s kb.
    • Or use Homebrew: $ brew install java6
  3. The Shimeji (for Windows) of your choice
  4. One working Shimeji for Mac
    • Download either 2P!England (single) or 2P!America (single) from -Mac- 2PUS and 2PUK -Mac- Shimeji by lalala00000007 on DeviantArt.
    • Note that those two files have different passwords.
    • Oh, my, is it Hetalia? It is indeed Hetalia.
    • I am terribly sorry for abusing your work, dear author, but it is the one and only working example on Earth now.

Installation #

  1. Unzip the Shimeji of your choice to, say, folder1.
  2. Unzip the Hetalia Shimeji to folder2.
  3. Just to make sure, try running it first. a. Right click folder2/, and click Show Package Contents. b. Find, double click to run. c. Does it work? It worked on my machine (macOS 10.15). d. To make it easier to access, make a symlink. Right click Shimeji.jar, and click Make Alias. Now cut & paste this directly under folder2.
  4. Rename folder2/img/ to something else, say, img_2.
  5. Copy folder1/img/ & paste under folder2/.
  6. Observe the structure of folder2/img_2/. This is the target structure.
    • It contains one icon.png and several shimeXX.png.
    • Everything is put directly under the folder, no subfolders.
  7. Observe the structure of folder2/img/. If it is different to folder2/img_2/, edit accordingly.
  8. Run Shimeji.jar again. This time the Shimeji of your choice should show up.

Translation of the menu items #

From top to bottom:

  • Add one more
  • Gather all
  • Clean all but one
  • Restore window (no idea what this does)
  • Exit