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Alfred #

Run Script in Terminal #

iTerm #

Credit: custom-alfred-iterm-scripts/custom_iterm_script.applescript

-- For the latest version:

-- Set this property to true to always open in a new window
property open_in_new_window : false

-- Handlers
on new_window()
    tell application "iTerm" to create window with default profile
end new_window

on new_tab()
    tell application "iTerm" to tell the first window to create tab with default profile
end new_tab

on call_forward()
    tell application "iTerm" to activate
end call_forward

on is_running()
    application "iTerm" is running
end is_running

on has_windows()
    if not is_running() then return false
    if windows of application "iTerm" is {} then return false
end has_windows

on send_text(custom_text)
    tell application "iTerm" to tell the first window to tell current session to write text custom_text
end send_text

-- Main
on alfred_script(query)
    if has_windows() then
        if open_in_new_window then
        end if
        -- If iTerm is not running and we tell it to create a new window, we get two
        -- One from opening the application, and the other from the command
        if is_running() then
        end if
    end if

    -- Make sure a window exists before we continue, or the write may fail
    repeat until has_windows()
        delay 0.01
    end repeat

end alfred_script

alacritty #

Only with workflow: Running commands from Alfred · Issue #2638 · alacritty/alacritty

A curated list: 🎩 Alfred Custom Web Searches

explainshell #

Does the same thing as svsool/alfred-explainshell: Explain Shell workflow for Alfred. (credit)

URL:   {query}
Encode space as: +
Keyword:         es

hndex #

Full-text search engine for Hacker News.

URL:   {query}
Encode space as: +
Keyword:         hn

Linguee #

Set the keyword the same as dictionary’s shortcut to remind yourself there’s that.

URL:   {query}
Encode space as: +
Keyword:         d

Reverso Context #

URL:   {query}
Encode space as: +
Keyword:         d

Google Translation #

URL:   {query}&op=translate
Encode space as: %20
Keyword:         tran

DeepL Translation #

URL:   {query}
Encode space as: 
Keyword:         tran

Useful Workflows #

Workflow function requires a paid license. All tested with Alfred 4.1 on macOS 10.15.

Bluetooth Controller #

Repository: vegardinho/alfred_bluetooth_controller: Alfred workflow for managing bluetooth settings and -connections

Encode / Decode #

Repository: willfarrell/alfred-encode-decode-workflow: Encoding and decoding a sting into multiple variations.

Firefox Assistant #

Repository: deanishe/alfred-firefox: Search and control Firefox from Alfred
Firefox add-on: Alfred Integration

Fn #

Repository: loikein/fn-alfred-workflow: An Alfred workflow to toggle MacBook Touch Bar status.

I wrote this one under some peculiar situation where I had to switch back and forth.

However, you would probably be better-off by settling on one status (recommendation: app with short controls), and then configure applications where fn key row is always shown by going to System Preferences ▸ Keyboard ▸ Keyboard Shortcuts ▸ Function Keys.

GitHub Repos #

Repository: edgarjs/alfred-github-repos: Alfred workflow to easily open Github repositories
Packal: Github Repos | Packal

Not on GitHub yet.



echo "$1" | textutil -stdin -format html -convert rtf -stdout | tee >(pbcopy -pboard general -Prefer public.rtf)

I wrote this with code from Creating Rich Links in Keyboard Maestro | ThoughtAsylum, and adjusted with this answer for Apple custom RTF formatting.

OmniFocus #

Discussion thread & download link: Adding tasks from Alfred 3? - OmniFocus - The Omni Group Forums

My customisation:

Placeholder Subtext: Flag! @Context ::Project (#Start #Due) $Duration //Note

Search Notes #

Repository: sballin/alfred-search-notes-app: Use Alfred to quickly open notes in iCloud/Apple Notes.