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Browser extension

Browser extension #

Todo: move from Firefox and unify other browsers.

  • If there are multiple similar extensions, I will choose the open source ones.
  • My current default browser is Opera Vivaldi Firefox and names of extensions are those made for Firefox, unless it is not available for Firefox.
    • Links with specific titles are the closest alternatives that I have used (unless otherwise noted).
    • Empty means I have not found or tried any of them.
  • For Edge, it seems better to use the Edge Add-ons, but I cannot tell.
  • For Android, I heard that Kiwi Browser supports Chrome extensions, but I do not have devices to test.

User-agents #

Not an extension, but probably requires one. If you don’t know what is a user-agent, read: WebAIM: History of the browser user-agent string.

IE: (credit)

# IE 11
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64, x64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko
# IE 7
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)

Essentials #

FirefoxSafari (Mac)Safari (iOS)ChromeEdgeNote
uBlock originFirefoxAdGuard for SafariAdGuardChromeEdgeAd block & clean URL.
VimiumFirefoxVimariChromeSee Vimium.
Open Tabs Next To CurrentDeprecated by browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent=true in about:config(Old) FastScripts workaround, (New & buggy) debug menu options1ChromeThe name says it all. This really should be the default behaviour.
Perfect HomeFirefox2ChromeOpera-style new tab / home page.
Auto Tab DiscardFirefoxTab Suspender for SafariChromeEdge
Workona Tab ManagerFirefox(Use Tab Groups)(Standalone app or use Tab Groups)ChromeEdgeNote
FirefoxSafari MacSafari iOSChromeEdgeNote

Accessibility #

FirefoxSafari (Mac)Safari (iOS)ChromeEdgeNote
Smart TOCFirefoxTable of contents — for SafariTable of contents — for SafariChromeAdd floating table of contents.
HeadingsMapFirefoxChromeEdgeAdd tree table of contents. Sometimes different with Smart TOC, so I have both.
Display #AnchorsFirefoxChromeShow all id anchors.
Multiple HighlightFirefox(Use bookmarklet)(Use bookmarklet)ChromeEdgeBetter search
FirefoxSafari MacSafari iOSChromeEdgeNote

Privacy #

FirefoxSafari (Mac)Safari (iOS)ChromeEdgeNote
containeriseFirefox3(I tried MultiLogin once but it was not as good.)Automatically assign websites to containers.
FirefoxSafari MacSafari iOSChromeEdgeNote

Customise the web #

FirefoxSafari (Mac)Safari (iOS)ChromeEdgeNote
StylusFirefoxSafari MacStopTheMadness MobilelinkEdgeSee Custom CSS.
ViolentmonkeyFirefoxSafari MacStopTheMadness MobileChromeEdgeSee Userscript.
Bookmarklets context menuFirefox4(Turn on Favourites Bar)(For iPads, turn on Favourites Bar; for iPhones, tap Bookmark button in toolbar.)See Bookmarklet.
FirefoxSafari MacSafari iOSChromeEdgeNote

Editing & developer #

FirefoxSafari (Mac)Safari (iOS)ChromeEdgeNote
Link Text and Location CopierFirefoxURL Linker for Safari(Use Shortcuts)Create LinkInitially used for making link boxes, now used for Markdown and reSt.
Copy Selection as MarkdownFirefox(Use Shortcuts)MarkDownloadSometimes does not work well on copy-protected websites.
axe DevToolsFirefoxChromeEdgeCheck accessibility of websites.
XML viewerPretty XMLThe original Chrome extension is no longer available.
FirefoxSafari MacSafari iOSChromeEdgeNote

Media #

FirefoxSafari (Mac)Safari (iOS)ChromeEdgeNote
RuffleFirefox(See instruction, not tested.)ChromeAdobe Flash emulator in Rust.
FirefoxSafari MacSafari iOSChromeEdgeNote

Website-specific #

FirefoxSafari (Mac)Safari (iOS)ChromeEdgeNote
GitakoFirefoxChromeEdgeFile tree for GitHub (older & better than the official one), Gitea, Gitee.
GitHub Repository SizeFirefox (by another developer)ChromeRepo size for GitHub.
GitHub File IconsFirefoxSafari MacChromeFile icons for GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, Gogs.
Augmented SteamFirefoxChromeEdgePrice comparison and other features on Steam.
KeepaFirefoxSafari Mac(Standalone app)ChromeEdgePrice history graphs on Amazon.
FirefoxSafari MacSafari iOSChromeEdgeNote

Lists from Firefox #


Privacy #

No longer in use

  1. This is the option combination that worked for me, but it is buggy:  ↩︎

  2. Older versions of Firefox used to lack new tab management functionality, so it must be (re)installed after any other extensions that modifies the new tab. This is now an option in about:preferences#home as of v113.0b4↩︎

  3. Add and manage containers in about:preferences#containers↩︎

  4. I wanted something like in the following picture from HolisticA11Y (I think it may be Paul J. Adam’s a11yTools Extension for Safari macOS) but with editing and management functionalities. There is none.  ↩︎